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Jaylan Mobley Net Worth, Age, Height & Career

Jaylan Mobley

Jaylan Mobley

Jaylan Mobley was born on September 14, 1996 (Charlotte, North Carolina). But he is currently lives in Morgantown, West Virginia.

Jaylan Mobley has been associated with the U.S. Army for most of his career. He has been associated with NASA for some time. As a result, he gained a lot of respect and experience.

Jaylan Mobley Net Worth

The exact details of his income are not available. However, it is estimated that the value of his total income is about $499,999.

Jaylan Mobley
Date Of Birth 14th September 1996
Net Worth $499,999 (Approx)
Age 27 Years
Height 6 Feet 6 Inches
Girlfriend Leah Messer

Jaylan Mobley - Leah Messer

Jaylan is currently in a relationship with Leah Messer. Leah Messer is a United States television star. They started this romantic journey in August 2021. Due to this relationship, their names are currently in the news headlines.

Jaylan Mobley Career

Jaylan Mobley is currently serving in the West Virginia Army National Guard as First Lieutenant. He is also an Assistant Supervisor to West Virginia National Guard IT Technician J6-North Team.

Since he is serving in the U.S. Army, details about his family and personal life are not known.

Education Of Jaylan Mobley

  • In 2015, he was admitted to the United States Military Academy Preparatory School.
  • Jaylan receive computer science and homeland security degree from Georgia Military College.
  • In 2018, he received a bachelor's degree in science of management information systems from the University of Virginia.
  • Jaylan mobley also received a bachelor's degree in cyber security in 2019.

FAQs Of Jaylan Mobley

Who is jaylan mobley?
⏩ Jaylan is a U.S. Army cyber officer. and also a Ph. d. student.

What does jaylan mobley do for a living?
⏩ Jaylan Mobley is serving in the U.S. Army.

❓ Jaylen Mobley Age
⏩ He was born on 14 September 1996, so his current age is 27 years.

Jaylan Mobley Height
⏩ His height is approximately 6 feet 6 inches.

Jaylan’s Social Media

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