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Rubi Rose Net Worth (Bio) | Boyfriend & Sister | Cars, House, Family

Rubi Rose

Rubi Rose Benton is an American social media personality. She is a rapper, model and songwriter at the same time. Rubi Rose was born on 02-10-1997 in Lexington, Kentucky. Her current age is 25 years. Nickname "Rubi".

Rubi Rose

Rubi Rose Net Worth

Accurate information about the total net worth of Rubi Rose is not available. However, it is estimated that her net worth is around $1–2 million.

Rubi Rose: Overview
Full Name Rubi Rose Benton
Date Of Birth October 2, 1997
Net Worth $1–2 million (Approx)
Age 25 years
Height 1.63 meters (5 ft 4 in)

Rubi Rose Benton

Rubi Rose's approximate net worth is around 1–2 million dollars. Her sources of income are:

  1. Songs/Songwriter
  2. Modelling
  3. Social Media ⏬
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
  4. Collaboration companies ⏬
    • Pink Dolphin
    • Fashion Nova

Rubi Rose: Family Overview
Father Name John Benton
Mother Name Nardos Ghebrelul
Sisters Name Scarlette
Boyfriends French Montana
Cam Newton
Lil Yachty
Playboi Carti
Travis Scott

Rubi Rose: Car Collections

Like other rappers, Rubi also has a passion for expensive cars. She has different types of cars in her collection. and each one is worth up to several million dollars. Cars used by Rubi are:

  • Tesla Model X
  • Audi Q5
  • Mercedes CLA Coupe
  • Cadillac Escalade
  • BMW i8

Rubi Rose Houses

As per various news reports, Rubi Rose owns two gorgeous mansions in Los Angeles and Australia. Which can be worth several million dollars.

Rubi Benton's body measurements

Rubi's Body Measurements
Height 5 Ft 4 In (1.63 meters)
Weight Around 54 Kg (119 Pounds)
Body Shape 36-24-40 Inch (estimated)

Famous Songs Of Rubi Rose Benton

Some of the most popular songs of Rubi Rose are:

  1. Wifey: 2022
  2. TWORK: 2021
  3. Pretty MF: Released in 2020
  4. He In His Feelings: 2020
  5. Hit Yo Dance: Released in 2019

Be sure to check the links below to listen to all of Rubi Rose's songs. Follow Rubi on:

Biography of Rubi Rose

Rubi Rose was born on 2nd October 1997 in Lexington, Kentucky. Studied at a local high school. She completed her college studies at Georgia State University. Rubi then chose modelling and music as careers in her life.

2018: As rising stars, Rubi and Playboi Carti (Rubie's ex-boyfriend) released a song together. However, the song was not very successful.

2019: Rubi's first solo release is "Trickin". And it is a very popular song.

2019: Another famous song "Big Mouth" was released in June this year.

2019: She is signed by A&R Chris Turner to LA Reid's record label, Hitco Entertainment.

2020: Rubi released her debut album "For The Streets".

Rubi's Social Media Profiles


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